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      Phone: (+852) 2526 2620

      As technology forges ahead, human beings struggle to keep up. Mobile devices that weren’t even a consideration thirty years ago have now become an essential part of everyday life. Keeping your devices safe is a constant area of concern, especially when you’re an on-the-go professional. At Targus, we have the solutions you need to carry, connect and protect all your personal tech. We encourage you to reach your ultimate potential. With products that seamlessly integrate your tech into your life, you can chase after your dreams, and make them a reality. Our History In 1983, Neil Bruce-Copp formed Targus in Barnes, London. After a successful start, we began partnerships with computer OEM’s. By 1985, we expanded our customers to Canon and Apple, and just one year later we released our first laptop case. Over the years we opened offices in the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa, Taipei, Germany, France, Holland and Hong Kong. Along the way, we earned a reputation for utilising high-quality materials from trusted suppliers. In 1998, we introduced our innovative DEFCON security line and SafePort Sling protection system, followed closely by the release of our SafePort Air Protection System in 2004. Since then, our innovation has only expanded. We’ve released environmentally friendly bags, tablet accessories with 360º rotating designs and universal docking stations. Today, we’re one of the leading designers of innovative tech solutions that simplify your everyday life.